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Thread: Server to server communication like fms sendAndLoad performance

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    Default Server to server communication like fms sendAndLoad performance


    We need to make some authentication on wowza server by connecting to a c# json service. None of us is an experienced java developer but after some searching we figured out to make a module, use HttpURLConnection and it is not async we should use threads. I wonder if is it a good way of doing this. Creating seperate threads for HttpURLConnections affect performance, if so what would you suggest?

    This is the code we are using on java side, the one at the question:


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    You might be interested in hiring someone to build this for you. You can find hired help by posting to the find a consultant forum.


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    Hey Salvadore,

    Thanks for your advice but we are able to explore and develop our own. We just need some advice or maybe a direction. We may develop and test it and write results here.


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