Microsoft Azure's CDN maps all HTTP requests to the subfolder /cdn/. God knows why Microsoft thought that would be a good idea. So a request to would arrive at the Wowza Media Server as a request for From Wowza's perspective, the application is 'cdn', not 'live'.

QUESTION: How can I configure Wowza to redirect all requests from /cdn/ to / OR move the entire Wowza installation into a subdirectory /cdn/? Put another way: how do I instruct Wowza to NOT take the first path segment and interpret that as the application? Like this:[Application]/[Streamname]/playlist.m3u8

For those who are about to suggest I simply rename the application 'live' to 'cdn' and point users to I will say: A) yes, that works but B) I'm trying to set up an identical configuration next to our existing AWS/Cloudfront infrastructure so that we can load balance users between Cloudfront and Azure transparently. That only works if the URLs are identical on both.