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Thread: Encoding imperfect streams

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    Default Encoding imperfect streams


    We have a project that has some stream issues every few hours or so.

    Our set up is a satellite feed directly over multicast to wowza where we transcode it to smaller bitrate and send it to amazon for edge streaming and vod.

    The source feed seems to have some random issues and it connects and disconnects and sometimes get time code errors and other things like that. Basically not a 100% stable feed.

    This is all fine for the most part in live stream mode as the live stream just picks up when it returns however each of these issues drops our VOD recording each time there is a break or error.

    Is there a way to have wowza keep broadcasting a black screen or some sort of signal that would keep our VOD going no matter what is happening on the source side. I know by default wowza just likes to disconnect until you restart.


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    This is not possible without writing some custom code to achieve this goal. As you know when the source stream disconnects the file will finish writing and even with the append feature you will have gaps in the file where nothing was recorded until the source came back.

    If you want to write this custom code yourself you will need the Wowza IDE2.

    If your require a consultant to help you with this project, we can provide a list of independent consultants via email, just send your request to
    Alternatively you can contact a consultant by posting in our Find a consultant forum.


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