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Thread: Wowza and live for HbbTV

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    Default Wowza and live for HbbTV

    I have read many articles about "Wowza is ready for HbbTV".
    But I couldn't find working solution for live stream.

    HbbTV supports only mpeg-ts over http for live stream.
    RT(S)P is only optional so it is not supported by most of TV manufactures.

    Could you recommend me working solution for live streaming to HbbTV?
    Our client would like to test it since he read "wowza supports mpeg-ts" but Im affraid no for this purpose. Im I right?

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    What device or client are you trying to publish to?

    Looking at the HbbTV Wikipedia article it seems that the platform can handle many inputs. You might be able to use the PushPublish addon to publish a stream that it can use. If it has a playback clients, you might be able to playback streams from Wowza. It's not clear what platform provides at the level. I would think you could at least publish to it, but not sure.


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    Threre isnt written anything in the wowza document about supported protocol. You may try this one:

    We cannot use publishing plugin, since we we need "pull".
    TV with hbbtv must ask for stream and receive it as mpeg-ts (not in rtp, but in http)

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