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Thread: Add Text or Image Overlay to Adaptive Bit Rate SMIL file

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    Default Add Text or Image Overlay to Adaptive Bit Rate SMIL file

    I'm building an application where I'd like to add watermarking on the fly to adaptive bitrate streams by building the SMIL files dynamically after file ingest (though for demo purposes, just to integrate into the bigbuckbunny.smil file).

    Is it possible to add an overlay (either basic text or pre-generated image) to an SMIL file, perhaps in the SMIL body?

    I believe the transcoder addon will perform this functionality, but I need this in a VOD environment.


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    Transcoding VOD content is not supported at present.

    You could however use this scheduler to start the streams and play the VOD files as live streams, and run them through the Wowza Transcoder:
    How to do scheduled streaming with Stream class streams


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    So Wowza cannot parse a SMIL PAR tag with regions and z-index settings?

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    No, sorry, Wowza does not support any SMIL based overlay method. The PAR tag (to play separate audio and video in parallel) is not supported in Wowza at present.


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    In case any one wants to do this I have written up some basic steps here which will generate mp4s you could then deliver via Wowza which would segment to the different adaptive stream types:

    When I get a chance I will add some additional notes on how to set this up on Wowza if people can't find other posts. Note I also need to include some advanced notes on adding perfectly GOP aligned encodes with ffmpeg, which can be done but is a bit tricky.

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