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Thread: LiveStreamRecorder sometimes produce choppy files

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    Default LiveStreamRecorder sometimes produce choppy files

    We are experience a problem with using the LiveStreamRecorder. We have a native iOS application using for recording with the default settings. On one of our users we noticed that the recorded file is jumpy/choppy in what looks like its missing a few frames. The user in question is running iOS 7. I was wondering if anyone has ran into this problem, in most cases and other users the file is just fine, but with this user I can say 50% of the time its choppy.

    For wowza team:
    I noticed that you guys have an iOS application, could I ask which lib you used or was it all custom development.

    I should mention the server is on a paid ec2 instance ami (devpay I think)
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    Can you describe the details of the encode settings?

    Frames per second
    Key frame interval(GOP length)


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    Are you sure the choppiness is recorded? Have you tested playback of the file locally without streaming to a remote client?

    If it is, then there was probably network bandwidth problems between the encoder and Wowza during the live streaming that was recorded.

    If not, then there is probably network bandwidth problems between Wowza and the playback client you saw choppiness in.


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