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Thread: Stream part of video with Wowza on Desktop and Mobile

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    Question Stream part of video with Wowza on Desktop and Mobile

    I'm new in Wowza and Media Server and I chose Wowza because it seems great!
    My purpose is to stream part of video on desktop (now we use jwplayer with flv video) and mobile (Android and iPohone) and seek in it.
    An example: A video lasts 6 minutes, I have to play from minute 1 to minute 3, or from minute 3 to minute 4, or just for few seconds..
    With jwplayer and flv this could be done with pseudo stream.
    Have Wowza some features that allow to do this?
    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi there, have a look at this guide:
    How to specify a play start time and duration for HTTP streaming


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    This example shows how to create a video on demand, server-side playlist. In this example, the requested video is played in two parts with a midroll in between. You could play any number of streams whole or in part as one stream.
    How to insert a pre-roll or mid-roll for video on demand playback in Flash RTMP client


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