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Thread: How to set the frame rate for VOD application on EC2

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    Default How to set the frame rate for VOD application on EC2

    Dear all,

    I have a Wowza 3.5 EC2 instance running on AWS and I'm wondering why my server is stream VOD content with a frame rate of 50 although my videos are all captured with 25 FPS?
    Does this have any reasonable background or is it just about the streaming settings? If its about the setting, can someone please tell me where I can change this, as I can't find it in the xml files on my server.

    Thanks & best regards

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    How are you determining this discrepancy?

    Are you having issues with playback? Or are you looking at the codec data in a player, VLC for example?


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    Actually I noticed some asynchronism between audio and video in a mobile player on my smartphone. So I started searching the cause. This was where I discovered that my mobile player and the VLC player on my desktop say that the frame rate of the stream is 50 FPS...

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    Here is a previous post with the same issue. It looked to be a bug in VLC. "VLC seems to always show double the frame rate.":
    Content 25 Frames Stream 50 frames

    You can use this Property setting to see audio/video alignment in the logs:
    How to debug AAC or MP3 timecode issues with cupertino packetization


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