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Thread: noob - AWS bandwidth basic question

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    Default noob - AWS bandwidth basic question

    Hi All,

    I am costing a live video streaming feature and I am unsure of the basics of Wowza on AWS, well, unsure of the basics of streaming really;

    For example in this scenario:

    My video is streaming out at 1200 Kbps and has a duration of 10 secs (just to simplify question...)
    10 users connect

    My throughput charge on AWS is....

    10 users * 10 secs * 1200 Kb * AWS region price (converted to Kb)

    Is this the correct calculation?

    thanks all,


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    Your analysis approach is sound, however, I would recommend that you confirm with Amazon Web Services for detail about your data transfer billing in EC2. This Simple Monthly Calculator is a helpful estimation tool.


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    thanks Tim..

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