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    Hello we have a server with 10gb of port speed but there is a problem, when we reach the 8k connections the cpu goes really bad, it goes to 100% usage and does not allow more conections, we have 28 cores in each server and 128gb of ram, what do you think that could be the problem?, thanks.

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    Wowza does not have a hard limit for connections and this is based on connectivity and hardware, however Java is limited to 5 Gbps per instance without tuning at the OS level.
    Running multiple instances of Wowza on a single server will allow you to use the bandwidth more effectively however you should give a 20% overhead and assume that you're going to be able to use a maximum of 8 Gbps from each server at the most.

    Please see the guide How to run multiple instances of Wowza Media Server on one computer and ensure that all the servers/instances are tuned using the Tuning guide.

    VOD will need to read from disk whereas live doesn't. In that case fast drives and a caching RAID controller may help.
    For VOD you can use Media Cache


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