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Thread: question about ModuleSecureToken

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    Default question about ModuleSecureToken

    i would like to setup something similar to what ModuleSecureToken does, but not only for streams play/publish, for the whole connection: as far as i've tested, when using ModuleSecureToken, un-autheticated users can still connect to remoteshared objects, call server function throught the rtmp netConnection. what i would like is to terminate the netconnection immediatly if the authentification is not correct. how could i do that please ?

    thank you for your help


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    ModuleSecureToken should work. You need to use a Flash application to use Remote Shared Objects, and an application configured with SecureToken will only allow a Flash application with that token to connect.


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    hi Richard thank you for your reply

    i confirm its working as well, for some reasons during my previous tests is seemed SO's stayed connected...


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