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Thread: Multicast across VLANs

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    Default Multicast across VLANs

    We are hoping to use Wowza to stream across multiple VLANs to clients using the Silverlight player. We have successfully tested Silverlight on the same VLAN and with VLC across VLANs. But just not Silverlight across VLANs.

    I have searched the forums and found a couple older articles that appear to say that Silverlight does not include the ability to work across VLANs with a single Wowza server. It appears that it is possible but we would need a separate Wowza server running inside each VLAN as a repeater.

    I wanted to see if anyone could please confirm that this is still correct or if there has been an update to either Silverlight or Wowza that will allow.

    If Silverlight across multiple VLANs is still not possible are there any other browser based solutions (i.e. an updated Flash player) that could work. The VLCwebplugin has given us some issues in IE and on Macs, but works (with heavy artifacting) using VLC in Chrome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is still true, but it is a limitation of multicast, not Silverlight or Wowza.


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