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Thread: Disconnecting the current session between a live repeater edge and the origin

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    Default Disconnecting the current session between a live repeater edge and the origin


    We have a set of live repeater origin servers that are behind a load balancer. The edge servers use a custom API to identify the active origin for a feed. What we're noticed is that once an edge establishes a session with an origin, that session is kept active until the last client disconnects from the edge. As a result, when the origin server for a particular feed changes, the edge fails to connect to it instead. How do we kill the active session to the old origin? Configuring the edge with multiple origin servers is not a valid option in our case since we have a significant number of origin servers across the globe.


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    You don't have to configure the server for multiple origins if you use .stream files to point to the origin, in which case you can just change the contents of the .stream file on the edge. When the first client connects to that edge stream, the edge should initiate a connection to the new origin.


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    The origin for a feed can change at any time, with varying levels of frequency. Triggering an update to the .stream file across all our wowza edges will not be feasible. The .stream file approach was suggested earlier and due to the scaling issue, we decided to use the StreamNameAlias module to set the origin dynamically.

    So is there no way to kill the connection to the old origin?

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    I think you will have to kill all the playback clients that are connected to the edge which is sourcing the origin you want to disconnect from. You an disconnect on the origin side, but I think the MediaCaster system on the edge will reconnect in a few seconds. For RTMP clients:

    List<IClient> clients = appInstance.getClients();
    Iterator<IClient> iter = clients.iterator();
    	IClient client =;
    	if (!client.isConnected())

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    Is there an API that can be used by the edge to disconnect itself from the origin? The way, the origins don't have to keep track of what feeds are assigned to them vs others.
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    I believe I know how to do that already. Will give it a shot. Thanks.

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