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Thread: record video and whiteboard

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    Default record video and whiteboard

    We are beginning to work on a classroom flex application which will record video and audio of a live streaming. I have following questions:
    1. Is it also possible to capture whiteboard events on the app (and using what addon?)? If yes, then can it be joined with the video and audio (as we will be switching in between the apps)
    2. The stream getting recorded (i.e. audio, video and whiteboard), is it directly getting saved on the server or first it is getting saved at client and then getting uploaded? Would prefer if it is getting saved on the server directly and what to use for this?

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    You can make "whiteboard" apps with Wowza using NetStream.send() and on the RTMP client-side, and IMediaStream.send() and on the server-side.

    There are components available out there, but there is no specific Wowza add-on. Take a look at the ServerSideModule example that ships with Wowza. [install-dir]/examples/ServerSideModules


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    When you create a whiteboard you know the basic things about whiteboard. Here, I have giving you a some tips:

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