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Thread: Connection Error!

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    Red face Connection Error!

    I shall try to give as much info on the issue/s I am facing:

    Having followed the tutorials a number of times to setup the app I still get a connection error on the phone.

    I have an IPhone 5S
    Macbook Air
    I have managed to get the server working for live & VOD from the laptop having followed the video tutorials for them.

    I know I'm missing something or not doing something right.

    The tutorial says to post the http://[wowza-ip-address]:1935 in a browser and the Wowza Media Server version number should be displayed in the webpage. If it isn't, make sure that the server is running and that TCP port 1935 is open on your router, firewall, and/or software firewall - Howto please for mac.

    I see nothing on the said webpage?


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    In your router you need to port forward TCP port 1935 to the computer running Wowza. Or on your network you need to map port 1935 to the server running Wowza.

    And use a public IP in the player instead of localhost. If you don't know what it is, you can see it here:

    This is a helpful resource:


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    I have same problem about gocoder 1.3.0 and iphone5S, I get always connection error .
    my questions :
    in the server path I need put rtmp:// or simply IP or host name ?
    also, the last characters must be '/' or empty ?
    I have try many situation, 3G operator or Wireless, same result (connection error) . I get this error in two ios devices .
    no problem using FMLE, Minicaster, or Teradeck encoder . I have open and forwarded 1935,80,443,554 .

    any idea ??


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    In the GoCoder app you simply need the host ip address or hostname, no other characters should be used.

    The GoCoder guide here has steps to configure both the Wowza side and GoCoder, with screenshots.

    While you are troubleshooting and figuring the App out, definitely try from a Wifi network on the
    same LAN, if possible, as the Wowza server.

    See if this helps.


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    Hi Daren,
    is very strange... in the production server no have any problem with no one encoder .
    no particular module load in the Application.xml .
    the GoCoder configuration is very simple, but for some reason I'm unable to connect .
    now I want try using local network/server..

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    We can look into this in more detail.
    Please zip up your Wowza server [install-dir]/conf and logs folders and include screen shots
    of GoCoders Server host and application configuration.
    Email to and include a reference to this thread's url.


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