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Thread: Live Streaming using CloudFront, need embeddable player

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    Default Live Streaming using CloudFront, need embeddable player

    Hi -

    I've been able to setup live streaming using Wowza's package solution on the AWS Marketplace in the past without much difficulty. I was able to use the JW Player to create a landing page for various clients to be able to automatically pick up the stream of their choice.

    Now, I'm trying out a CloudFront configuration now, so that I can accommodate a few hundred viewers that will be sourced from Europe. I'm not sure if something changes with AWS's package or JW Player, but I have been having difficulty getting the HDS (Adobe) stream to work. AWS returns a link ending in .f4m. I use that for the HDS stream, but JW Player doesn't appear to be able to load that stream.

    A new requirement has emerged, for us to provide an embeddable player, like with YouTube, Vimeo, etc players. This is to allow us to host the stream, but have our client embed the video onto their landing page for the event.

    There appears to be a lot of examples/solutions for static video, pulled from an S3 bucket, but not so much for live events.

    Can anyone suggest tips for sorting out the HDS stream, and/or a player to use, which supports multiple client stream direction (HLS, HDS, Smooth Stream) and is embeddable (iframe)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Flowplayer works with HDS (sanjose) streams. Or you can use this OSMF 2 configurator.


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    Thanks Richard! I saw that player before, but wasn't sure about the fallback configuration, given it appears to be split into to players (HTML5 and Flash versions). Upon closer look, I think I can get it to work. Will follow up when I've sort out the code.


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    New problem - I was able to get Flowplayer Flash working with the bulk of my client browsers, except Android. I'm not sure if there's always been an issue with HLS playback with Android, or this is just a bug with the latest Flowplayer. So close ...

    Anyone able to get Flowplayer working in this scenario (live streaming) - with Android support?


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    Generally Android 4.0 and above have the best support for HLS.
    It is not not perfect though compared with, say, iOS.
    However, with respect to HLS using Flowplayer on Android, we are really not sure.
    This link here seems to elude to HLS being broken for Android:

    Are you able to get HLS stream to play directly in the browser on your Android device?
    You should at least be able to get that far. For flow player though, it doesn't look promising.


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    So, it seems, based on my experience so far - using Wowza and Amazon's CloudFront, there is no known way to provide a live stream to a majority of the current mobile devices. Many, yes, but just not those running Android. I've successfully setup live streams using Wowza alone, but once I add in CloudFront, the streams coming from their service can't yet be played back on Android mobile devices, is my understanding. We attempted to force the Flowplayer to provide the HLS stream to Android devices, but still could not get it to playback the content.

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