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Thread: Parameter of HTTP caching origin

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    Default Parameter of HTTP caching origin

    Hi everyboy, I had just found this topic
    It can help me to make my wowza server become Caching origin. But I don't know some Parameters in this configure.

    <!-- Apple HLS: cache control -->

    Please help me to understand what is "cupertinoCacheControlPlaylist" and "max-age" ? And how it work?
    Thank all.

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    those parameter are the TTL value on the HTTP header. TTL value is used by browsers to determine if they need to cache content or not, and for most CDNs to determine if content must be cached and for how long

    As far as I understand, these values on Wowza setting are for configuring Wowza as HTTP Origin, to feed a CDN

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    Thank you so much, tavius.

    Follow you, TTL value is used by browsers.
    What about Media Player for Android? I mean I used HLS streams of my wowza servers for my application on Android and iOS devices. Is this caching method is useful, and how it work on Android and iOS devices ?

    Thanks again.

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    it shouldn't matter ... but each player deploys HLS following its own way. As per HLS definition, on the player side, for a live stream, those value should be ignored ... player needs to wait a time equals to duration of a chunk before re-fetching the manifest.
    Again, those values are meant for when using Wowza to feed a CDN ... if you are going to feed your customers directly from Wowza, it's not a good practice to enable HTTP origin property

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