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Thread: Live streaming dropping last few seconds

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    Default Live streaming dropping last few seconds

    We are a local government and we just started using Wowza to stream our meetings live. We've noticed that the people who are listening to the stream live get cut off a few seconds before the stream ends. There's a delay in the live audio (obviously) but it seems that when they stop the stream, the live audio is stopped right away and the rest of the delayed audio isn't sent to the player, even though it's getting sent to the file on the server.

    I'm using liverecord and the file it produces has all the audio on it - it's just the live portion that is getting cut off.

    Any thoughts?

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    What player are you using for the live stream? Is it an RTMP player?

    What encoder are you using?

    And what are the encoding details of the audio and video?

    Is this consistent behavior in the live stream playback, or reports from some users? Are you able to replicate? Consistently, or sometimes?


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