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Thread: Copying audio data from one live stream to another live stream

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    Default Copying audio data from one live stream to another live stream

    I'd like to know if anyone has tried using the Publisher API (similar to the example shown at ) to read audio data from an existing live stream and copying it into another live stream. Specifically, I'm testing the use of a Stream instance created in server-side API, and change the audio track that is piped into the Stream instance from one source to another during a live broadcast. Would this possible? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions…


    P.S. I was thinking that I could offload this request to ffmpeg, as another forum user posted here:

    but I'd prefer to use an existing Wowza API if possible.

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    This is possible and you would need to use the Publisher API. You can extract packets using the getPlayPackets() you can then check which ones are audio and copy them to a new stream along with any video. You may need to alter timecodes so audio/video packets align correctly but can be done.

    There is a post in the Showcase section which generates an audio stream from an audio/video stream.


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