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Thread: How to stop sending conecctions from origin to edges

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    Default How to stop sending conecctions from origin to edges

    Hello, we have a problem, our principal origin server does not stop from sending conecctions to the edges when the edges are down, we have been under a ddos attack on the edge servers so we would like to know how to stop the origin (without restart) from sending conections to the edges.

    Thank you.

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    If the edge is down it shouldn't be sending any info. If it is not completely down, you should shut it down.

    There is nothing built into Wowza to do what you are looking for that I know of, but you can set a connection limit per edge using this method. This will pause the Load Balancer Sender function so that the Load Balancer Sender does not redirect new clients after the edge has reached the set limit.


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    thanks for your reply, i would like to know if this

    is changed and dicrease the value the server will stop from sending connections to an edge faster ?

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