A quick question: the recording knob on the GoCoder app for iPhone, shows a blinking red when the stream is sent, but
is there any possible check whether or not there is sound recorded? On a couple of occasions now, the video is sent out,
but the sound is missing. And since the iPhone was placed about 2m from a loudspeaker, it should have picked up the sound.
A (I think related) problem is that when using 3G (so WiFi is not available), you are bound to a telephone provider obviously,
but when a telephone calls come in, the stream stops, and although not extensively tested, and at that moment the sounds stops too.
The stream resumes after the call 'popup' is cancelled, but the sounds doesn't come back.

So: Is there anyway to check the sound on screen? Maybe a small level indicator on screen so that at least we can see that the
sound is not passed anymore?