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Thread: LiveStreamPacketizers on a per stream basis

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    Default LiveStreamPacketizers on a per stream basis


    Our content partner has around 226 channels streaming from wowza server. Out of this 226 channels, 178 channels will be for android (RTSP) devices only and remaining 48 channels for both android (RTSP) and iPhone (iOS) devices.

    So we want to keep cupertinostreamingpacketizer (in conf/live/Application.xml) ON for only 48 channels and not for all 226 channels. Is there a way to do this on a per stream basis? We will have to stream all 226 channels from the same wowza app.


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    Does someone know answer to this? We have to tell the customer if this is possible or not. They have several low end servers which is why we are trying to reduce overheads as much as possible. Please help


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    You might be able to do this with IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface, at the onPublish event by using setLiveStreamPacketizerList(); there is also setLiveStreamPacketizer();. Not quite sure which you will need to use.

    You will have to play around and test, I will try to test as well.


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    Thanks for the reply!

    I read about setLiveStreamPacketizerList() in the server side doc. It seems to set LiveStreamPacketizers per application. So how is this different from just specifying all packetizers within the Application.xml?
    I was looking for setting of live stream packetizer on per stream basis. So a channel NBC for eg will not have cupertinostreamingpacketizer but some other like BBC should have it.


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    I think you're looking for the How to control which streams get packetized for HTTP streaming tutorial.
    As the source code is provided you could also edit this if you had specific needs.


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    IMediaStream.setLiveStreamPacketizerList() works per stream in my test, and can be implemented in the IMediaStreamActionNotify.onPublish() handler as described. You can have an application with no LiveStreamPacketizers set, then set which packetizers will be used per stream using that method. Whereas the previous method shown sets LiveStreamPacketizers then allows it to continue or not.

    You could use IMediaStream.setLiveStreamPacketizerList() in the ILiveStreamPacketizerControl.isLiveStreamPacketizer() handler if you want to use a default packetizer set but select other packetizers in certain cases.


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