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Thread: Implementing ABR for RTSP clients

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    Default Implementing ABR for RTSP clients


    We are trying to implement ABR functionality for RTSP clients based on RTCP reports.
    1) Are there any APIs where when a RTSP client connects to Wowza server attach the client to a particular transcode profile based on some client criteria.
    2) Is it possible to switch the clients across multiple transcode profile from the application using APIs
    3) Is it possible to disable particular transcode profiles based on the no of clients connected to the profile.

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    1. You cannot read the RTSP packet headers, so it is not currently possible to evaluate the client bandwidth connection based on RTCP receiver reports the client is sending to Wowza.
    2. I don't think this would be possible, because you would have to switch a client session from one transcoder rendition to another, which is not possible to do in mid-session.
    3. You could count connections to a rendition, but I don't think there is a way to shutdown a particular transcoder rendition.

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