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Thread: Wowza CloudFront Capacity

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    Default Wowza CloudFront Capacity

    I've read here that one m1.small EC2 Wowza instance can handle 150Mb/sec throughput. Therefore, if I have a 1Mb/sec live stream I can assume I can stream to approximately 150 concurrent users.

    I'm curious if CloudFront provides more concurrent user capacity than a single Wowza server running without CloudFront. If I create a Cloudformation stack using an m1.small Wowza instance what is my approximate maximum concurrent users with a 1Mb/sec live stream?

    Is it possible to serve 5,000 to 10,000 concurrent users using Wowza and CloudFront? Would a load balanced origin/edge setup be a better solution?

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    If you only have the one stream then you will have relatively little traffic between the origin and CloudFront deployment. After the stream is accessed from the origin it's cached on the CloudFront side and so a minimum number of connections is needed to the origin. Your viewers will then play the cached content directly from CloudFront, with the stream being live the cached content will continuously require updating from the origin as expected.

    I don't have any figures to share regarding the number of connections the deployment could handle in total, that would be dependent on the CloudFront side of things.
    Using CloudFront will restrict you to HTTP clients only.

    Using an origin/edge configuration will require more work on you part as I believe CloudFront manage the scaling and load-balancing for you.


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