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    Is there any other way to control (monitoring and configuring) a single-stream bitrate except creating the smil files? What about defined bitrates in smil files, is it just an info or it's a real bitrate that video profile will have no matter how high incoming bitrate is?
    We have 3rd party transcoders (with no control from our side) so we do not use Wowza Transcoder AddOn.

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    A .smil file is generally used to describe multiple streams which are keyframe aligned for adaptive bitrate streaming, you could use a .smil file for a single bitrate stream but I don't see any benefit to doing so.
    An example .smil file can be found in the Adaptive bitrate streaming section of this live streaming tutorial
    I've posted an example here,
                <video src="myStream_700" system-bitrate="700000"/>
                <video src="myStream_350" system-bitrate="350000"/>
                <video src="myStream_200" system-bitrate="200000"/>
    The information in the .smil file needs to be as accurate as possible as it's used for switching.


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