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Thread: Playback FLV with HTTP protocol

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    Default Playback FLV with HTTP protocol

    hi there,

    I'm trying to play a FLV file that I recorded with Wowza (webcam application).
    I don't want to stream the file. I want to load it completely and then play.
    I guess it's possible if the files are accessible via http:// URL.

    So, I'm thinking of two possibilities:

    - Access Wowza's content folder via HTTP protocol.
    - Save the FLV files to a folder, mapped to the web ... somewhere inside /public_html/

    Tried both with no success. Any ideas or solutions?


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    I think you are on the right track, as you say you'll need to either
    - Provide Access to Wowza's content folder via your webserver config
    - Save the FLV files to a folder, mapped to the webserver, as a test you could place them in htdocs

    If you use a http player, such as this hosted example.

    Then specify the HTTP URL to the file as the stream entry:
    That should play. It will effectively be progressive download, so will play while downloading.


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