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Thread: Cupertino VOD from FLV with data events

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    Default Cupertino VOD from FLV with data events

    We are using custom AMF events in RTMP streams and converting them to ID3 for live Cupertino streaming (as per here). Using live-record, Wowza writes an FLV recording that also contains these events. Is there any way to re-play the Cupertino-muxed version of this with the events intact?

    I have added the VOD version of the AMF to ID3 conversion detailed in the above link, however in my searching it seems that Wowza does not support Cupertino streaming of FLV files. This seems incredibly strange to me, considering FLV is basically the same container format as the video streaming in RTMP, which Wowza clearly does support re-muxing to Cupertino streaming.

    Since MP4 doesn't support AMF data events, I can't just remux the source file to the supported MP4 container format. And I'm not aware of a tool that can stream an FLV while preserving AMF data events.

    Any suggestions?
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