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Thread: Cupertino VOD from FLV with data events

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    If the .flv files contain h264 and AAC then you could try to use an mp4: prefix.

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    I have tried that. When I do, I get a valid playlist with a single chunklist entry as expected, but when requesting the chunklist it has headers but no chunk entries.

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    Your statement that cuepoints might be preserved between FLV and MP4 made me curious. We use the Transcoder Add-on and by default when using live-record, the recorded files from the transcoded streams are in MP4 format. It looks like AMF cuepoints are in fact embedded in these files. I was able to successfully play back one of these as VOD HLS and got the appropriate AMF to ID3 conversions.

    It is unfortunate that we haven't been able to preserve this data when converting between FLV and MP4, however. Especially since we have just recently switched to exclusively using FLV as our recording format, since it is less prone to file corruption. (We have had cases of MP4/MOV errors getting logged by Wowza and the resulting recordings being unusable. Also if for some reason Wowza crashes or the volume runs out of space, the MP4 will be unusable because its MOOV atom isn't written. FLV doesn't suffer from these issues.)

    Given that Wowza does include the AMF data in its MP4s we might be able to work with that for our immediate issue. Please do consider letting it support FLV as a source container for HLS, though.

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    What Salvadore was getting at is that by default, FLV containers are used for VP6 and Spark codecs. While it is perfectly ok to also use FLV for H.264, Wowza uses different MediaReader classes for reading FLV and mp4 files because the actual file format is completely different.

    The MediaReaders are responsible for reading the files and putting the data in a format that the player can handle.

    HLS streams use a separate MediaReader to the one that is used for RTMP because it has to also create the media chunks that the player uses. This MediaReader is based on the default mp4 MediaReader so can only read mp4 files.

    When recording files with Wowza, the default format is FLV (this will change in a future version) and you can change that by prefixing the stream name in the encoder with mp4: to tell Wowza to record an mp4 file. Any data events that are sent from the encoder to wowza should be recorded into the resulting file which you can then extract and convert to ID3 tags.

    I will pass on your comments to our engineering team regarding HLS flv support.


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