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Thread: is this multicast or unicast?

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    Default is this multicast or unicast?

    i hired someone to convert multicast streams from lan into unicast so that i can see the streams from a remote location using the internet. the stream is really choppy and i was given this address:


    is it possible for unicast streams still have the "/udp/" part? or i'm still getting udp multicast over the internet, hence i have bad quality streams?

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    Choppy playback is usually the result of a stream bitrate higher than client bandwidth, the throughput from Wowza to that client. Try a lower bitrate.

    The "", which is the stream name part of that url, is unusual but can work if it is an alias. An mpegts or multicast source is usually contained in a .stream file, a text file in the /content folder containing that udp url. For example a file /content/ that contained the udp url of the stream. Then you use as the stream name instead of a URL. This is the basic mpeg-ts guide

    The http url you show is not a complete playback URL that is supported by Wowza. For iOS playback it would have to be or Flash HTTP

    Wowza's output in this case is unicast, whether the source is multicast or not.


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    That looks like a typical udpxy address - and is unicast

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