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Thread: How to limit the streams to Wowza server from Encoders

  1. Default How to limit the streams to Wowza server from Encoders


    Is there any possibility to limit the streams in wowza server, publishing from Encoder to Wowza Server without using the encoder publishing password authentication mechanism.

    Is there any way to specify the authorized stream names in wowza application in advance to avoid the intruder streams.

    For example : I have certain streams called stream1, stream2, stream3 and I want to allow those streams only and block all the intruder streams.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can use this module to check the stream name, and then allow the stream to be published or not:
    How to override publish to remap a stream name

    if (streamName.startsWith("myStream"))
    invokePrevious(client, function, params)
    invokePrevious is what lets the publish command continue, if you don't call it you have stopped the publish.


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    It's working for a single stream. But how can I specify multiple stream names in it ?


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    You could create a property that would include a comma delimited list of whitelisted stream names. You could do something like:

    String[] streams = client.getAppInstance().getProperties().getPropertyStr("whiteListStreams").toLowerCase().split(",");
    boolean streamIsOk = false;
    for (int i = 0; i < streams.length; i++){ 
    	   streamIsOk = true;
       // invokePrevious..
    Then add the following to your Application.xml Properties:


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