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Thread: High Cpu usage AMD Opteron Dual CPU Server.

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    Default High Cpu usage AMD Opteron Dual CPU Server.

    I am first time run wowza in AMD platform. But i see performance problem.
    Server Config :
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 64 Bit.
    2 X AMD Opteron 6276 Cpu @ 2.30 Ghz.
    32 GB Ram
    4*1 gbps Teammed Network connection total 4 gbps.

    This server using only shoutcast re-stream over rtmp. (64 kbps aac+ radios)
    Using a stream name alias module.
    when 10.000 client connected using 70% of cpu power by java
    java heap size 8000M

    How can i reduce cpu usage ?
    Thank you.

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    You will definitely want to ensure you've tuned your server completely. Also what are your current GC settings? You might want to look at adding mark sweep and include threading gc params. If you continue to have issues thereafter zip up your [install-dir]/conf & [install-dir]/logs and send it to along with a reference to this post.

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