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Thread: Basic VOD on EC2 instance

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    Default Basic VOD on EC2 instance

    Hi there ... I set up a new instance on Amazon today. Tested a couple of live streams ... fine
    Tested the VOD application that comes installed with sample.mp4, and it was fine
    Then, I wanted to do some tests with HLS encrypted, so I decided to create another test application ... and here the problem started

    I couldn't make that simple test app to work. I mean, it worked for RTMP, but not for HLS (Cupertino streaming is there) ... it keeps saying content is not found even for sample.mp4 (stream is set to default, and Cupertino is enabled)

    Then, I decided to make a copy of the VOD application ... and found it's not there ... on wowza/applications there is a vod folder, but on wowza/conf there is no "vod" folder
    Where is the configuration for the default vod? how come that one works?

    any advice?

    I'm running Wowza Media Server 3 Monthly Edition build7566

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    When there is no subfolder in the conf folder for an application, the conf/Application.xml file will be used.

    You will need to create a folder for you custom application and then copy the conf/Application.xml to it and make the necessary changes.

    For VOD type applications, make sure the HTTPStreamers are set for the player type.

    Also, if the Application.xml that does get loaded has a syntax error, then there will be an error logged but the application will start up with default hard coded settings. There will be no modules loaded so nothing will work. At least ModuleCore is needed. Also, the storage dir that would be used would be a subfolder in the applications/<appName> folder. This was the original default a long time ago.


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    nothing like a good night sleep to figure things clearly
    the problem was the Application.xml was set for default, but the LiveStreamPacketizer was set for cupertionstreamingpacketizer
    I soon as I remove the livestreamingpacketizer, all came to live as expected
    Now, I can play with encryption

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