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Thread: wowza media player 3.6.3 not working properly while installing

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    Default wowza media player 3.6.3 not working properly while installing

    i installed wowza media player 3.6.3 in windows server 2008 R2 standard while starting the wowza media player the cmd prompt open and it close automatically ,then i checked the system service it is in wowza service it is in stop position again i started and checked it produce the same result.Can anyone help me pls?

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    I answered the ticket #74130 you opened with our support team. Please reply to that ticket with Wowza logs and configuration files I asked for. I will have to take a closer look and check if there is an installation problem.
    Can you also provide a detailed description (step-by-step) of the actions you are performing and what is not working?

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