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Thread: Debugging & Recovering from Woza's instability

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    Default Debugging & Recovering from Woza's instability

    I am running Wowza 3.6.3 [well, at least when it's running].

    Yesterday, in the middle of a live webinar, the server crashed.
    We didn't realize what was the issue, and the webinar ended in the middle, costing us a lot in both dollars and reputation.
    The webinar should have been recorded, but even the (hour?) before it crashed is nowhere to be found.
    This is not the first time Wowza crashed, but is the most expensive one so far.
    I'm running Wowza on a VPS at Linode, with almost nothing else on the server - it should not be a resource issue.

    Here are the questions:
    1. What can I do to ensure that if Wowza crashes, it will restart automatically?
    2. Where can I find the parts of the webinar from before Wowza crashed?
    3. Where can I submit the err reports or whatever so that whatever bugged Wowza can be fixed?
    4. What can be done to ensure Wowza won't crash mid-webinar, short of finally dumping it?
    5. Can somehow error reporting be triggered by Wowza's crashing?
    6. Why doesn't Wowza have any live support staff option (I know, I know, I've asked before).

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    At present we have no known issues which cause Wowza to crash when running on compatible hardware and for the load expected.

    Please do make sure you have tuned your installation correctly following the guidelines here

    If you have the logs for the days/hours of your webinar then please zip up your conf/ logs/ bin/ and transcoder/ folder and open a ticket by emailing with all this information.

    Without further details it is impossible to determine any issues thay you experienced.

    To answer your questions directly

    i) In most cases applications will not automatically restart if they crash and Wowza is no exception.

    ii) When deploying a live service testing prior to the start is essential. If the recording did not take place for some reason we may be able to see from your logs however without further details we can not see if/how or why recordings are not being made.

    iii) If you have an issue when using Wowza always submit a ticket to Please always include the following

    - conf/, logs/, bin/, transcoder folders in a zip file attached to your submission
    - Specify the last section of your license key
    - Send from an email address associated with your Wowza Media Server license.

    iv) If a cause of the problem can be found then it can be resolved, however there are currently no oustanding issues causing Wowza to crash. Again without details of the issue then it is impossible to say.

    v) Please see (3). You can configure Wowza to output a crash report , which is a Java out of memory report, however if this not the cause then it will not help. The Wowza logs are an effective way for support to troubleshoot problems

    vi) Our ticket system is extremely responsive and I encourage any issues to be reported by opening a ticket.


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