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Thread: live streaming from android sdp problem...

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    Default live streaming from android sdp problem...

    Good evening,

    I'm new to Wowza, Streaming and related questions.

    I'm trying to write an Android application to streaming live video from device's camera to Wowza.

    I have read lot tutorials and how-to from your site and now I can stream from the device to Wowza (via RTPS) the live video captured from the device and re-stream it.

    My problem is that I cannot find the sdp file into server... so if I want to see (for example using VLC) the video sent from the device I have to write by hand a valid sdp.

    I send "announce" to Wowza and the server replyes me 200 OK, I can see network usage of the server grow up, but no sdp file has been available and if I add an sdp conting the info sent by "announce"I can see the video.

    My android code comes from example 3 of the (no modifies).

    I send to Wowza only "announce": no "setup" (because during "setup" Wowza suggests me other ports and if I use them I cannot see video bacause of no sdp file is available), no "record" (does not works for me).

    I try the same android application with another StreamingServer (some minor fixs) and he correctly writes the sdp file .

    Could you give me some suggestions? Ask if more details neded.

    Excuse my poor English

    Good evening and thanks a lot for yours advices.

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    The sdp information is sent by the announce command. Wowza does not save it on the server.

    When the setup calls are made, Wowza returns the port numbers it will be listening for the stream on. The device then starts sending the stream to the Wowza server on these ports.

    For playback, you play back from Wowza as you would with any other live stream. The stream name you use is the name that the device sets.

    See the playback instructions on How to set up live streaming using an RTSP/RTP-based encoder


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