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Thread: Configuring Total Core Count

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    Default Configuring Total Core Count

    We have new servers with the following specs:
    Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680

    8 Cores , 16 Threads.

    Just want to confirm that my total core count should be 16?

    1 x 8 x 2 = 16

    So instead of the default "4" on Vhost.xml, I replace it with 16.


    HostPort/ProcessorCount: 16
    IdleWorkers/WorkerCount: 16

    NetConnections/ProcessorCount: 16

    RTP/UnicastIncoming/ProcessorCount: 12 (Since max is 12)
    RTP/UnicastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 16

    RTP/MulticastIncoming/ProcessorCount: 12 (Since max is 12)
    RTP/MulticastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 12 (Since max is 12)

    HandlerThreadPool/PoolSize: 480 (Since max is 480)
    TransportThreadPool/PoolSize: 320 (Since max is 320)

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    If you have at least 8gb of memory on the machine you can calculate for 16 cores.

    The tuning guide says "HostPort/ProcessorCount: 2x[total-core-count](maximum of 24)" so that would be 2x16=32 or maximum of 24. Although I have read users report success with a setting of HostPort/ProcessorCount: 32.


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    I only have 4Gb on the machine. So do i stick with 8 or 16?

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    Your server does support hyper-threading, so follow that guidance.

    If your server does supports hyper-threading, then use the total number of threads. In the above example, if hyper-threading is available, then the total number of threads is:
    2 (processor) x 4 (cores) x 2 (threads per core) = 16
    Follow step #3 to configure java heap size appropriately for 4g ram. You might set to -Xmx3000M with 4g ram if it is a dedicated server.


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    The figures for [total-core-count] from the tuning guide assume you have at least 1gb of memory per core.

    You should be safe setting the [total-core-count] to 16, but you may be able to squeak out 24 as the total. You may have to play with this to find the sweet spot.


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