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Thread: how to get played duration on playlistitem

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    Default how to get played duration on playlistitem

    i have playlist playing i switch to live stream and then back to playlist

    when i switch back to playlist i resumes from playlistitem it paused but from the start

    how can get the duration of play of the playlist item so that i can store it and when i resume i can put it in start so that is starts from where it left


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    There is nothing built-in to accomplish this. Understand that there is really only one playlist which switches between sources which can be live streams and files, as in your case. But the output is a continuous live stream. The best way to approach this is server-side (though you might be able to do something client-side in a RTMP client) using the IStreamActionNotify notifier (shown in this example), which fires when a Stream class stream (what type of stream the scheduler and loop-until-live example uses, if that is what you are using) switches sources. This is the hook you would need to see how much of the loop clip played when the live stream interrupted. You will need to use a timer too.


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