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Thread: live stream and frame rate displayed

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    Default live stream and frame rate displayed


    I'm using wowza for live stream with jwplayer 5.9
    Wowza is configured to enable flash and m3u8 streams
    All works well but I detected that in flash (jwplayer), framerate is not as good as m3u8 one
    if I read the m3u8 url with VLC, stream is great, but on jwplayer, it seems it misses some frames

    do you have an idea why ? and is it possible to improve it a bit ?



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    Wowza packetizes chunks for HTTP streams, i.e HLS(m3u8) so as the client receives each chunk, all the data is included.

    RTMP on the other hand streams continuously, if the network connection bogs down, then it is likely frames will be dropped to keep up as best it can.

    You can test playback locally and remove the network from the equation.


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