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Thread: Live streaming stuck on smooth player, works fine on HLS player (iPad)

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    Default Live streaming stuck on smooth player, works fine on HLS player (iPad)


    I have a live application on my server, which also doubles as HTTP caching origin. I stream to the app 2 streams from FMLE, and, for some reason, rtmp, hls streams work fine, while smmoth stream gets stuck after the first frame (tested on - works fine - doesn't work, stuck. On VLC the stream stuck every couple of seconds, and continues.

    The same happens, if i try to access each of the two streams in the smil file individually: - works - stuck

    When i access the same streams from CDN, after they've been cached, they work the same as when i access them directly on Wowza, so i included the direct links.

    These are my encoding options on FMLE:

    Format: h264. baseline
    Framerate: 24 fps
    i/o size: 480x360 for both streams
    Bitrates: 200 and 500 kbps
    streamnames: stream0_1 and stream0_2

    Does anybody has any idea what could be the problem?


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    Is it video only, no audio? Silverlight needs video+audio for Smooth streaming.

    What is the key frame frequency of the live stream? You can check the logs when the stream starts, Wowza reports on key frame frequency when the "smoothstreamingpacketizer" is in the /LiveStreamPacketizers.

    How does the same stream work in the Wowza Silverlight example, [install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/SilverlightPlayer/player.html?


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