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Thread: Live stream solution - cca 200k viewers

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    Default Live stream solution - cca 200k viewers

    after several sucessfull livestreams using Wowza infrastructure, we got contacted by a partner who would like to stream event expecting aprox. 200k active viewers. This is impossible to host by our infrastructure, so I need to estimate price and technical requirements for this event. Is there somebody who can provide me such information?
    Thank you very much.

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    To cover the basics, based on a 500 Kbps stream using server with a 1 Gbps interface with a 20% overhead this is 1600 streams per server (500 Kbps x 1600 = 800 Mbps).
    This means the servers required is for supporting all these clients would be 125 servers (200,000 /1600 = 125 servers), again this is based on a 500 Kbps stream.

    I recommend using a CDN for scaling this, please see our list of supported CDN's.
    Alternatively you can use Amazon EC2 or Google compute engine for scaling.

    Prices can be found on the Prices page
    Once you have a good idea of how many servers/license you're going to need I recommend you contact our


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