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Thread: metadata from dvrEntry

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    Default metadata from dvrEntry


    Can i get video and audio bitrate from dvrEntry?

    I try this:
    DvrLiveStreamManager liveStreamPacketizer = (DvrLiveStreamManager) stream.getStreams().getLiveStreamPacketizer(
                    bitrateStreamName, "dvrstreamingpacketizer", true);
    for (DvrManifestEntry dvrManifestEntry : liveStreamPacketizer.getHighestVersionedStore().getManifest()
                    .getRecordedEntries(IDvrManifest.ON_METADATA_TYPE)) {
             DvrManifestOnMetadataEntry dvrManifestOnMetadataEntry = (DvrManifestOnMetadataEntry) dvrManifestEntry;
             byte[] data = dvrManifestOnMetadataEntry.getData();
    and i suppose that data variable contains all metadata. But if just use new String(data), then get some rubbish.

    What's the right way to decode this data?

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    Putting nDVR aside, you can monitor the bitrate for a live stream like this


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