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Thread: UDP Unicast ---> (UDP Multicast, RTSP Live Streaming)

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    Default UDP Unicast ---> (UDP Multicast, RTSP Live Streaming)

    Hello Folks,

    Newbie here. I am working on a problem where the Media Server is receiving UDP video in the MPEG4-TS format. I would like the server to multicast it as well as Live Stream it. The live streaming part is easy, I setup the Application.xml and file in the content folder and everything is working well. The only thing I would like to add is the ability for the Media Server to re-broadcast the video as UDP multicast. Is this way too complex?

    Here is the mediacaster snippet from my Application.xml:

    <!-- udp, interleave -->
    <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaCasters.xml for any MediaCasters loaded by this applications -->

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    It's actually not too difficult, as long as the target network supports multicast.
    You'll need to go here to learn about and request the PushPublishing AddOn.
    Once you receive that you can install and config it (referencing the included doc) for broadcast to one or more multicast addresses.


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