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Thread: Less FPS or thumbnails

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    Hi there .... is there a way to stream from Wowza previews as any of the following options? Idea is to have preview streams, and when selected, the full stream will be send to user, but on preview, I'd like to have less bandwidth and resources consumption as possible

    a) Stream less FPS just key frames (i.e. every 10 secs) ...
    b) Thumbnails capture every 10 secs instead of streaming full stream

    Is only option to do something like this to use transcoder to generate a low quality stream for preview?

    thanks in advance

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    Using the Transcoder AddOn with a suitably low bitrate specified would certainly do the job.
    You could also send in an equally low bitrate stream from your own encoder, if it supported multiple streams.

    The Transcoder AddOn can also produce thumbnails only, if you'd prefer to show just a string of still images.
    Here's more information about producing thumbnails using a HTTP Provider.


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    Some other suggestions that may also work for you:

    You could use NetStream.receiveVideo(fps)
    the following values are supported:

    true: Send all video frames
    false: Send no video
    -1: Send all video frames
    -2: Send half the frames (remove B frames) (Note: only works with Sorenson Spark video with B-frames)
    -3: Send only key frames

    There is also another snapshot method, that does not require the Transcoder AddOn:

    Hope this is also helpful


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