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Thread: Shoutcast / AAC / RTSP - first connection attempt failing

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    Default Shoutcast / AAC / RTSP - first connection attempt failing

    I'm trying to connect to AAC Shoutcast streams being restreamed through Wowza, using RTSP. (from an Android device)

    The first time I connect to a stream on the Wowza server, the device responds with a "Invalid stream format" error. If I then try to reconnect (after the MediaCaster stream from the origin server is active) the device connects fine and plays the stream.

    Not sure how relevant it is but I notice in the logs the following line during the first (failed) connection attempt. This line doesn't appear when the stream plays successfully.

    UTC comment server INFO 200 - ShoutCastReceiver.init: shoutcastMP3GroupCount:4

    So I think either the Mediacaster stream needs starting first, or the wrong headers/metadata are being sent on the first connection attempt.

    How can I make this work more reliably?


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    Yes, the MediaCaster stream needs to be started first.


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