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Thread: Issue with ModuleRTMPAuthenticate in version 3.6.2

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    Default Issue with ModuleRTMPAuthenticate in version 3.6.2

    Hi, We are experiencing a problem.

    We use Wowza DevPay on AWS.

    In order to protect live publishing streaming we add the publish.password file at /conf and add this code at the Application.xml file on /conf/live:


    When we use the AMI for version 3.1.0 it works fine and asks for user and password when publishing, but when we use the AMI with version 3.6.3 the user and password is not asked.

    Is there any change or new requirement on this version?

    Many thanks and best regards.

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    Yes there are changes between 3.1.0 and 3.6.3

    The ModuleRTMPAuthenticate class path is a little different from previous versions. Here is the new module to add to Application.xml:
    Please see the Media Security Overview for more information.


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    Hi, I have the same problem with "Wowza 3.6.2". I followed the instruction from "", but when I attempt to play the stream, using Wowza "FlashRTMPPlayer" (from the example series), the stream plays with no prompt for username and password. the module that you posted above, is the same as the module introduced in the tutorial. So could you pleas tell me what's the difference? and How can I solve my problem?


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    ModuleRTMPAuthenticate provides security for publishing to Wowza from RTMP live encoders. It does not affect playback. Take a look at the Security Overview for security options


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