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Thread: Issue with AddOn Transcoder multiple bitrate

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    Default Issue with AddOn Transcoder multiple bitrate


    We are having an issue with AddOn Transcoder.

    We have followed the manual and modified these lines at the Application.xml file located at /conf/live

    <!-- To turn on transcoder set to: transcoder -->
    <!-- [templatename].xml or ${SourceStreamName}.xml -->

    Our goal is that only publishing one stream, the encoder launches two more bitrates at 160 and 360 kbps, as the transrate.xml file is setup by default.

    We publish at
    URL: rtmp://IP/live
    Stream: livestream

    We don't know why but when we setup the videoplayer pointing to rtmp://IP/live/livestream it works fine but when we point it to rtmp://IP/live/livestream_160p or rtmp://IP/live/livestream_360p it does not work.

    Could you please help us?

    Thanks and best regards

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    Can you please post your logs to help us troubleshoot this?

    Start Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode, and post the logs here.


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