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Thread: Forwarding live stream publishing / Authentication

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    Default Forwarding live stream publishing / Authentication

    Hi I have a client that needs to publish to the live streaming service via RTMP, however I would like to proxy this request as I do not want the client to know about the server's username and password. I would like the client to connect to my own service and pass through a token that will be validated using my own authentication rules, if the validation succeeds then I would forward the request to the real RTMP endpoint passing through the right credentials.

    Alternatively is there any way in Wowza for a client to publish to the live streaming service without passing through the credentials as part of the request and instead use my own authentication rules to validate the client request?.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think you can proxy rtmp.

    But there are different ways to do encoder authentication. For a live rtmp encoder that supports rtmp authentication, you can use ModuleRTMPAuthenticate along with this method to authenticate using external system, e.g. a database.


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    how to do live multi stream using wowza media server .
    through which in PC1(on LAN) webcam video pass to wowza media server and after that same video from wowza media server run on another client PC2(on LAN) please help.
    i am using FLASH LIVE ENCODER to pass the video to WOWZA Media server ......
    how flash encoder caught the webcam video from client PC1(on LAN) and then he pass to wowza media server then to PC2(on LAN)

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    It sounds like you need some help getting started with Wowza Media Server. As part of the download process, did you request request a trial license key? If not, please do so using the URL listed below. The next step will be to install Wowza server and work through the live and video on demand tutorials. Please take a look at the following resources and let me know if you have any questions along the way:


    Basic Tutorials:

    Please keep us posted on your progress and feel free to ask any additional questions you have as you install and test Wowza Media Server.


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