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Thread: Way to get Wowza to "re-encode" HLS renditions from master .flv file?

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    Default Way to get Wowza to "re-encode" HLS renditions from master .flv file?

    I've got a number of VOD recordings that for whatever reason, got corrupted during the live-transcoding process (freeze-frame 5-seconds in, but the audio plays). Fortunately, the master .flv that Wowza produces from the recordings play perfectly fine. I need to somehow see if I can trick Wowza into re-encoding the HLS renditions from the .flv master.

    Any suggestions?

    One idea that we've been toying with is to "take the FLV and put it in a server-side playlist, then use Wowza’s Linear TV function to play it as if it were a live stream. That will trigger the transcoder too and all MP4s should be created. It requires full-time playback but that could run in the background of course."

    Think that would work?

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    Yes, the method you described above is a viable option.

    The following article provides a couple other options:
    How to encode video on demand content


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