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Thread: HELP - Recording to UNC paths in Wowza service-mode.

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    Question HELP - Recording to UNC paths in Wowza service-mode.

    Hi. I'm trying to solve one issue for several hours, without success. I was hoping someone could help me. Here is the thing:

    What I need:
    I have a Wowza Server setup as a live-record. It should record the FLV files to a network drive (using UNC paths) and create folders as needed, in case they don't exist.

    What I did:
    - The storagedir paramenter at Application.xml is already configured with the proper UNC path.
    - Authorization on the UNC path is set to Everyone.

    The problem:
    - When I try to run Wowza in command-line mode, I get the error message "Error writing to file: \\drivepath\folder\VIDEOS\video1.flv \\drivepath\folder\VIDEOS\video1.flv (The system cannot find the path specified).
    - However, if I manually create that path, the video1.flv file does get recorded. This is not what I want. I need Wowza to automatically create the necessary folders instead of having to manually create them.

    - The same thing happens when I run Wowza as a service, using domain admin credentials.

    What does work
    - If I manually map the UNC path (say, drive Z and run Wowza again in command-line mode, everything works fine. File gets recorded and folders are created properly.
    - If I run as a service (again, using domain admin credentials), the error persists.

    In other words, apparently I can only record to remote folders if:

    a. They are mapped as a drive, instead of UNC path.
    b. Wowza runs in command-line mode.

    Our goal is to have Wowza running as a service, so that it can be auto-started when Windows boots (independently of having to have a user manually logging into the machine).

    Am I missing something? I've searched forums up and down and tried everything I could think of about authorization. I've spent several hours on this without any success.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    Helder Conde

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    This sounds like a permissions problem, I recommend you research the EnabledLinkedConnections registry which may help.


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