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Thread: Transcode flashsv2 live stream

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    Default Transcode flashsv2 live stream


    I want to screen share my desktop and users should be able to see from devices like apple iPhone,iPad etc. My stream that is being sent to wowza is encoded in flashsv2. Can wowza transcode flashsv2 to H.264 to support apple devices ?

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    Wowza does support screen share codec(Flashsv2) over RTMP but as you mentioned you would need to transcode it to H264 for iOS.

    I am not sure if the Transcoder will except an incoming stream of Flashsv2, I don't think it will but you can test it out. The Wowza Transcoder AddOn is available with a 30 day trial license.

    There are other options for screen sharing as well, a quick search of the forum for "screen share" yields quite a lot of information.


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    rrlanham explains how to use VLC to screen share in this thread, also discussed in the thread is using Wirecast for screen sharing.
    Screensharing using Wowza server


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